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May 2009

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May 2009

Topic: No Compromise.


     "Among the children of Israel who were carried captive to Babylon at the beginning of the seventy years' captivity were Christian patriots, men who were as steel to principle, who would not be corrupted by selfishness, but who would honor God at the loss of all thing. In the land of their captivity these men were to carry out God's purpose by giving to heathen nations the blessings that come through a knowledge of Jehovah. They were to be His representatives. Never were they to compromise with idolaters; their faith and their name as worshipers of the living God they were to bear as a high honor. And this they did. In prosperity and adversity they honored God, and God honored them.

     The fact that these men, worshipers of Jehovah, were captives in Babylon, and that the vessels of God's house had been placed in the temple of the Babylonish gods, was boastfully cited by the victors as evidence that their religion and customs were superior to the religion and customs of the Hebrews. Yet through the very humiliations that Israel's departure from Him had invited, God gave Babylon evidence of His supremacy, of the holiness of His requirements, and of the sure results of obedience. And this testimony He gave, as alone it could be given, through those who were loyal to Him.

     Among those who maintained their allegiance to God were Daniel and his  three companions--illustrious examples of what men may become who unite with the God of wisdom and power."  -  Prophets and Kings (Ellen G. White), pp, 479-480.


Though Daniel and his three companions lived in the world, they were not partakers of the world. Many professed christians claim to be christians but they compromise with worldly activities that go against the Word of God. God would have His people to live a godly life and stand for what is right as examples in this fallen world, to give their allegiance to God. It's a hard battle all the way, as Paul would say "with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin" (Romans 7:25). With God all things are possible in standing firm in the Lord. There is only 2 classes to choose: God or Satan. Which one will you serve every day?


God Bless,

Bill Reinwald

Men's Ministry