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April 2009

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April 2009
 Topic: The Singing Evangelist 

PREPARING FOR SONG EVANGELISM. "There should be much more interest in voice culture than is now generally manifested. Students who have learned to sing sweet gospel songs with melody and distinctness can do much good as singing evangelists. They will find many opportunities to use the talent that God has given them, carrying melody and sunshine into many lonely places darkened by sin and sorrow and affliction, singing to those who seldom have church privileges." - Review and Herald, Aug. 27, 1903 

A POWER TO WIN SOULS. "There is great pathos and music in the human voice, and if the learner will make determined efforts, he will acquire habits of talking and singing that will be to him a power to win souls to Christ." - 
Manuscript 22, 1886 

BEARING A MESSAGE IN SONG. "There are those who have a special gift of song, and there are times when a special message is borne by one singing alone or by several uniting in song. But the singing is seldom to be done by a few, The ability to sing is a talent of influence, which God desires all to cultivate and use to His name's glory." - 7T, pp. 115-116 

When a person leads out in song service, worship, or evangelism, there needs to be a meek and humble spirit, not an outward show of theatrics. The singer needs to be under the direction of God the Almighty. There should be no screaming, yelling, laughing, joking, or any other foolishness, for the sanctuary (especially the platform) is considered sacred (or holy). The wording should be clear as crystal for even a child to understand for singing. I was told recently that singing and music brings joy to the soul. When the music is joyful, it brings happiness to our souls. To have a cheerful countenance in leading out in singing will impress the congregation to receive that same joy that they may see Christ in the song leader. 

FACTORS IN EFFECTUAL MUSIC. "Music can be a great power for good... Music should have beauty, pathos, and power. Let the voices be lifted in songs of praise and devotion. Call to your aid, if practicable, instrumental music, and let the glorious harmony ascend to God, acceptable offering....Common sense is an excellent thing in the worship of the Lord." - Gospel Workers, p. 325 

If any of you have a desire to lead out in singing, commit yourself to the Lord and ask for His will to be done. Remember that you are a representative of the Lord and that He will lead you and guide you. Make sure you are willing to sing for His glory, not your glory. 

God Bless, 

Bill Reinwald 
Music Ministry