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April 2009

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April 2009

Topic: Diligent Men.


     "One group of men met at a Shoney's Big Boy Restaurant one evening following an outreach activity to share stories and de-brief. They were encouraged to hear how their simple ministries had touched some hearts.

     But as they met around their table at the restaurant, they noticed that their waitress seemed especially distressed. One of these men finally asked her is she was OK.

     "The dishwasher didn't come in tonight" she said, "so we have to clean and prepare our own tables, wash dishes, and still keep all the customers happy. It's impossible!"

     The guys shared knowing glances, then sprang into action. One grabbed a tray and started clearing tables. Another went into the dish room and started washing dishes; others found a broom or vacuum and started tidying up the dining room. When the manager walked into the dish room he said, "I don't know if I can allow you to do this; it may be against company policy or something."

     Before long, the place was clean, order was restored, and the waitresses were smiling--for the first time all evening. Even the manager had to admit that these guys were really special.

     When they were asked why they were doing this, they'd just smile, and say, "We're just demonstrating God's love in a practical way." God's presence was there because His children were loving others in His name. Even the other customers enjoyed the little drams in the restaurant that evening."  "Bridges 101" Ruthie Jacobsen, pp. 28-29


This reminds me of the seven deacons chosen by God in the early church to take care of the needs of the people (see Acts 6:1-3).


     "The appointment of the seven (see Acts 6:5-6) to take the oversight of special lines of work, proved a great blessing to the church. These officers gave careful consideration to individual needs as well as to the general financial interests of the church, and by their prudent management and their godly example they were an important aid to their fellow officers in binding together the various interests of the church into a united whole."  "Acts of the Apostles" Ellen G. White, p. 89


The carnal nature of man nowadays is to make the woman do all the work. It's not God plan for man to be lazy, especially on Sabbath afternoon while the women do all the cleaning up after lunch. The seven deacons are an example for all men to be diligent in making sure the church building is kept in order, that the needs of the people's (especially the elderly's) needs are being met, and take the burdens off the elders as they should "give themselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word" (Acts 6:4). Younger men and boys should be helping out as well.


Today, the Lord is not looking for slothful men but diligent men to be considerate workers in the Lord for all things to be done with decency and in order, for the Lord is a God of order. As the old saying goes "many hands help make the load lighter."



God Bless,


Bill Reinwald

Men's Ministry Leader